5 Ways Uniforms Can Benefit A Brand

Corporate workwear and uniforms are more than clothes. They are a powerful way to make your brand stand out, boost authority and even engage employees by helping them feel part of a team. Corporate clothing can also positively impact the brand experience, increase loyalty and drive sales.  


As the saying goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.’ Making a positive impression is the first step in building those all-important customer relationships that lead to customer loyalty and repeat sales.

The opinion customers form will be based on many factors including staff attitude, how knowledgeable they are, and the way they look. Smart, modern company staff uniforms help to reassure customers and boost their confidence in your business. They also show respect for the company and customer. 

Well-made corporate uniforms and workwear help to build better brand experiences, which can lead to more business and sales


Branding plays a vital role in how a company is perceived. From a company’s brand colours to the tone of its communications, every aspect of a brand’s activity forms part of its identity. This includes branded uniforms.

Helping to spread awareness, bespoke uniforms and corporate wear also help to inspire trust and the kind of emotional connections that lead to long-lasting, profitable relationships. One recent study showed that two-thirds of marketers felt company uniforms are a more effective marketing tool when connecting with consumers and influencing behaviour, compared to other forms of advertising. 31% felt that branded uniforms have more effect than word of mouth. 

A custom print or embroidered uniform can elevate your brand image, while also enabling employees to identify as a team.


Every business needs to protect its employees’ health and safety. From high visibility clothing to flame proof clothing, investing in good quality, well-fitting Hi Vis PPE not only helps protect staff, it sends out a message that the company cares about its employees. This helps to promote the company as a safe place to work, and a more trustworthy firm with which to do business.

Branded Hi Vis clothing helps to keep your staff safe and your branding lit-up


Safety, security and comfort. For companies ranging from telecoms to construction, uniforms need to provide a multitude of functions. Hi Vis vests, trousers, jackets and other health and safety workwear can be personalised with jobs titles or brand names. This helps to provide instant recognition and authority, while ensuring staff are safe and visible at work. Different colour or style uniforms can also be used to define work activities.

Branded workwear that’s fit for purpose will help workers go about their work safely, comfortably and warm


As with all clothes, uniforms can affect the way we feel. Smart, comfortable workwear and uniforms make employees feel more secure and confident in their role. Standardised uniforms also help to remove barriers, providing colleagues with a shared sense of belonging and commonality. This often results in a stronger workforce with mutual goals.

This smart, tailored women’s waistcoat with embroidered logo and pocket detail helps staff feel good about what they do.

Contact us today to discuss your uniform options. 

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