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When creating a uniform there are plenty of things to consider. What do you want your uniform to say about your business? What’s the purpose? Do you want embroidery, screen printing or digital printing – and why pick one over the others? How do your staff feel their uniform could improve? How prominent do you need your logo to be? Do you have fabric preferences? What’s the budget? The list goes on and with it, it is easy to quickly feel lost. 

At Clothing for Events, we lean on our experience and knowledge to simplify the process and ensure the final uniform perfectly meets the objectives and criteria that you set out with.


Looks aren’t everything, but brand reputation is. Design and practicality can both positively and negatively affect the way your company is perceived. You invest significant time and money in staff recruitment and training, so why leave the final touches – their uniform and workwear – to chance? Uniforms must stand the test of time, much like your brand.

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From rising health and environmental concerns regarding harmful viruses and pollution, to new regulations around protective clothing, ensuring your employee’s uniforms and workwear meet the varying compliance and safety tests can be stressful and complex.

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A well-crafted uniform or protective workwear is a well-considered investment.  Not only will you be protecting your employees and preventing days and money being lost due to injury, but you will also have peace of mind that you have fulfilled your obligations as well as the company’s.


Sustainability is good business. Our network of clients and suppliers recognise the importance of ethical and sustainable trading right through the supply chain, which is why it’s so important that we haVe a shared vision to reduce waste, protect the environment and trade fairly. Ultimately, if your uniforms look, feel and do good, we’re collectively on the right path for a brighter future.

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