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There are many important factors to consider when choosing a uniform for your employees. Finding the right balance between style and practicality is often swayed by the industry the company is in. Keeping staff members safe must be the top priority, but this does not necessarily mean that style needs to be compromised.

How practical are your existing uniforms?

We recommend to our clients that they regularly ask staff for feedback on the practicality of their uniforms. The opinion of the person wearing the uniform is the most important, as they need to be able to carry out their job effectively. Quite often, uniforms must serve several functions depending on the role and can positively or negatively impact levels of employee satisfaction. See our blog post on how uniforms can boost staff morale.


PPE and workwear should protect from health and safety risks, while chefs wear needs to be comfortable and durable enough for long kitchen shifts. Workers in the industrial electrical sector may need workwear that keeps them dry and warm and that protects from arc flashes. Front of house staff need work clothes such as trousers, shirts and jackets that look and feel good, wash after wash.


When is style important?

Industries such as hospitality, restaurants, travel, leisure and tourism will place a high level of importance on the style of their uniforms. The clothing that is chosen for their staff to wear should be on brand and help to make their employees feel part of the team.


Uniforms need to positively reflect your brand, after all this is what customers are likely to remember and make associations with. Many companies have identity guidelines for uniforms detailing their style and colour, as well the size and position of logos. We can help you maintain visual consistency by working with your Pantone, RGB and CMYK brand colours. We will also look at your specific uniform needs and make sure that the end product is both stylish and practical.


Choosing the right fabric

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be specific guidelines or regulations that you need to follow when choosing the fabric that makes up your uniform. We have a large range of products for every job role and industry from arc flash wear made using 100% inherent VXS+ fabrics and ThermSAFETM to bespoke uniforms made from the softest eco-friendly organic fabrics.

Jackets for workwear for builders and manufacturers

Making a uniform your own

We can create bespoke uniforms completely unique to your brand. This doesn’t just include logo embroidery. It could include different colour trims, buttons or stitching, or adapting a collar to give the workwear more sartorial appeal. We don’t follow a one size fits all approach and will do everything that we can to guide and support you from initial design concepts to production and aftercare. Find out more about our bespoke services here.



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