Every job is different and we tailor our process to meet your needs but here are a few pointers as to how we work.

We take ethics seriously and we do our utmost to ensure that our clothing is sourced from ethically sound sources and are happy to discuss any aspects of our supply chain and manufacture with you.

This totally depends on the order size / type; We do however appreciate the urgency of your orders and do our best to give you a rapid turnaround. Please dont hesitate to pick up the phone and we can give you a more accurate timeframe.

No – This also depends on what you are looking to order but we try our very best to accommodate every customer because we really hate to turn people away.

We want to work with YOU;.  That means getting involved in the creative process as much or as little as you want.  We have a great ammount of experience coming up with concepts from very rough ideas to full design ideas and working these up to prototypes to ensure they meet your needs.  We thrive on providing excellence in service as well as product and our aim is to take the stress out of getting it right, for you.

latest news.

Protecting Staff Now and in the Future

Personal protective equipment has never been so important. The high costs attached to a workplace accident or incident can have devastating effects on a company’s finances, productivity, and all-important reputation.

What Makes A Good Uniform?​

A corporate uniform needs to tick a lot of boxes to effectively meet a company’s needs. While looks aren’t everything, smart uniforms positively affect the way a company is perceived.

Ethical Clothing to Boost Your Brand

The drive for businesses to be more sustainable is in full swing. We look at how ethical clothing and merchandise can benefit every business, and help drive social and environmental change.

Our Ethical Commitment

In an era where we are becoming more and more aware of the economic, social and environmental impacts of our supply chain, Clothing for Events is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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