Freedom Day Delayed


Based on the Government roadmap released in February, the country was hoping that they would be waking up to ‘Freedom Day’ today. Instead, the Prime Minister has stated that more time is needed to combat rising Covid infection rates, driven by the Delta variant. A four-week delay has been suggested before social distancing rules can start to be relaxed.

But what does that mean? Life has pretty much returned to some kind of normality with people being able to go to restaurants, meet friends and do activities again. Whilst there are some restrictions still in place, there is a major contrast between the way in which we became accustomed to living in during lockdown and now.

The opening up of the hospitality industry has been a breath of fresh air for not only the industry but customers too. Having the freedom to dine out with friends and family will never be taken for granted again.

Deleware North (1)-min (1) The importance of a good uniform For the hospitality industry, uniforms have never been more important. We have seen many uniform refreshes over the last few months, in correlation with the re-opening of businesses. With more people opting to sit outside, whatever the weather, uniforms have had to be adapted to suit this way of dining.


With many people in the hospitality industry having been furloughed for such a long time, uniforms also play a huge part in bringing a brand back together and making staff feel part of the team. Uniforms can positively impact the working environment and employee satisfaction so it’s important to make sure care and attention is put into choosing the right uniform for your company.

To understand more about the importance of a good uniform read our blog post ‘5 ways uniforms can benefit a brand’

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