The return of events


This post discusses the impact of the Coronavirus on large events and venues.

It’s been nearly a month since sporting venues in the UK were able to return to full crowd capacity following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions on 19th July. The entertainment and sporting industries have been hit extremely hard over the past months with crowds not being able to attend events. Step 4 of the Government’s restriction easing ended limits to crowd capacity at live events and the 1 metre plus social distancing rule was scrapped.

Test events came into play in July, enabling smaller crowds to enjoy the Euro matches at Wembley. Then since then, venues such as racecourses, sports stadiums, theatres, and arenas have started to open their doors once again to audiences. Many people have been able to return to their jobs at these venues after having been furloughed during the pandemic. This includes employees who work in ticketing, security, hospitality, and events. The likes of sponsors, broadcasters and the media have also felt the effects of not being able to cover live sports and entertainment as they did so regularly pre-Covid.

Staff PPE & Uniforms

As these industries start to take off again, they have had to consider many new factors to make sure they keep customers safe when attending venues. This includes extra safety measures to keep queuing times to a minimum and precautionary PPE for staff that require it.

Uniforms should be a key consideration for sporting and entertainment venues as it’s never been so important for staff to be recognisable, especially when there are large crowds of people. Having a uniform also gives staff a sense of belonging to a team and can positively impact employee satisfaction.


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