A shift in business behaviour


With government restrictions easing, many businesses within the hospitality sector are preparing their premises to open outside. On 12th April 2021 businesses will be allowed to open for outdoor eating and drinking. Business owners will be fully aware of the risks of Alfresco dining in the spring but will also be eager to open their doors to customers once again. From this date, six people will be allowed to meet outdoors which will give a much-needed boost to the hospitality sector after having been closed for such a long period time.

Whatever the weather


The Easter break was rather confusing in terms of weather. One minute it was warm enough to sunbathe and the next, it was snowing. This goes to show how versatile businesses need to be in order to open outside over the next few weeks. Workwear for staff is an important consideration that should currently be at the forefront of minds.

Front of house staff may need additional clothing such as fleeces, jackets, gilets and bodywarmers in order to keep warm when serving customers outside. Waterproof clothing may also be necessary if outside areas are not covered between the kitchen and the customers.

Uniform Changes

We are helping clients adapt their uniforms to make sure that they are ready for every eventuality when they re-open on 12th April. Our range of products can be bought off the shelf or made bespoke to suit your brand. We consider practicality as well as style to make sure that your uniforms are completely fit for purpose. Visit our sector page to find out more about how we work with a variety of restaurants.


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