Be bespoke or choose customisation?


When starting the conversation about uniform requirements, there are often the same questions that come up as part of the briefing process. One key area is always making sure that the brand stands out from the crowd, whether that be those within their industry or their neighbours on the high street.

Working in the industry for as long as we have means we’ve seen and heard all the buzzwords and lingo when it comes to client requirements, with two in particular often overlapping during discussions with clients – customisation and bespoke.

In terms of similarity, both requests can help deliver a product that is unique to you, your business and brand, but that is generally where the similarity ends. When working out what it is you are looking for in terms of a uniform approach, knowing the difference means you will walk away with exactly what you want, first time.

So, with that in mind, when asking for either of these choices this is what they mean to us:

Customisation – taking an already created piece of material, garment or full uniform and adding specific elements to make it stand out from what it was originally.

Bespoke – creating something entirely brand new. The only thing we have to start with is the brief/idea and then it’s taken from there in order to bring it to life, creating something 100% unique.

Ultimately the end result for both is the same – having something that doesn’t previously exist to give your brand a distinct look. The main difference being going fully bespoke gives you a greater level of freedom in terms of colour, fabric and other materials as you don’t have a base you are working from to begin with. Customisation allows you to build on something your brand has already created, enabling your new uniforms already have a continuity back to the original brand, whilst also incorporating some individuality based on your brief.

Knowing what you are looking for from your uniform request is often half the battle, and not being too caught up in the terminology – we can take care of that part for you. This is why our tried, tested and trusted approach has delivered, and often exceed every client brief. That first conversation we have helps establish the questions you need to ask, and the answers we deliver to make sure the outcomes match exactly what you’ve asked for.

Speak to our team today to bring your bespoke brief to life, or to check-off your customisation requirement.

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