Our Top Five Uniform Tips - Revisited


One of the big things at Clothing For Events is using the 50+ years of experience we’ve built to deliver the best results against our client briefs. But part of the continued building of that experience is looking back on what we’ve done in the past to see if it still holds true, or how it can be improved.

Previously we’ve shared our Top Five tips for when you’re choosing a uniform. These can be applied across a number of business sizes and industries, but the main thing they highlight is the importance in planning.

First thing to do is refresh our memory of those tips:

  1. Make your uniform choices practical.
  2. Consider size and stock quantities.
  3. Reflect your brand with style and colour choice.
  4. Make your logo and branding stand out.
  5. Choose the right fabric and know your budget.

It would be fair to say there is still validity in all five of these, but with some additional considerations to factor in that can impact them.

For example, the post-pandemic world has changed the way many industries approach the way they work. Health and safety considerations are a bigger factor, probably than ever before, making the balance between practicality, material choice and cost more important than ever. There is probably a Ven Diagram of the three areas with the sweet spot in the middle something we all want to achieve, whilst going in the direction too far of one area impacting the other two.

The way brands present themselves is also shifting. Whilst in the past many have been famous by their very name, the shift in icons and logos have meant the way they are applied to uniforms can and have changed. Switching to a printed approach gives greater freedom on logo placement, moving away from the chest and now bringing a logo to the sleeve and/or back of shirt as part of the overall design.

Social responsibility, especially when it comes to sustainability is an area that all businesses have to now factor into all their business decisions. Customers now carry out more brand research than ever before, and the sustainability approach a company makes can be the difference between a sale or lost customer. This means that when making those essential uniform decisions, sustainability can now become a deciding factor, much in the same way as the colours and fonts your brand uses.

Having the years of experience we have behind us means we've learned plenty of things along the way, but the biggest lesson we’ve always held onto is the importance of continuous learning. As we’ve just seen, the Top Tips we share with our customers still hold an incredible level of value, but by making sure they aren’t written in stone ensures we continue to deliver the best in class experience and product to our customers.

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