Helping new customers be more sustainable


Did you know that in the UK only 1% of clothes are recycled effectively?

As a UK provider of secure destruction and recycling of textiles this statistic is worrying, and something we have developed an offering to help improve. Working closely with our approved partners we offer a uniform recycling process, because we know that one of the biggest questions when ordering something new is what you do with the something old.

We currently offer a fully secure clothing, garment, textile and uniform disposal – including collection, destruction and recycling of your old materials.

But we have something to announce for new customers* – we’re now offering this service to you, free of charge.

When switching your uniform, sometimes due to a brand or marketing refresh you might not always know what to do with the uniforms that are now off-brand and can no longer be used. With our recycling scheme there’s a number of benefits you may not be aware of:

• Reduction in storage costs thanks to the removal of old uniforms and materials • ZERO materials ending up at a landfill. • 13.5KG of CO2 saved from every 1KG of recycled textiles • 1KG of textile saves 1 litre of water.

Uniform disposal can be one of those cost elements that can impact your brand update, which is why we want to take it out of the equation, whilst continuing to deliver against our sustainability pledge.

To ensure we are able to improve on that 1% this offer is more than just a one-off, it applies to the entirety of your contract with us, so that together we can do our part to improve uniform recycling efficiency year-on-year.

To see how you can take advantage of this exclusive offer get in touch with a member of our team at or 01753 662999

*Contract values, terms and conditions apply

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