Are your employees safe?


Employees are entitled to feel like the health and safety risks they are exposed to in their workplace are being both monitored and controlled. From exposure to electrical current and flashes to the potential risk of burns in a restaurant kitchen, workwear must meet the needs of your staff, in order to keep them safe and protected.


Industrial safety wear

We offer an extensive range of the world’s leading safety wear. It provides peace of mind that your employees’ clothing complies with the very latest health and EN safety regulations, whatever the potential risk they face, from fire and electrical shock to ARC flashes. When it comes to Arc Flash protection and making sure your team is safe, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Do your uniforms comply with the latest safety regulations?
  2. Are the products durable, weatherproof and hardwearing?
  3. What levels of comfort are these products going to bring to your staff?
  4. Are the products covered by a lifetime seam guarantee?


    Hi-Vis Clothing

    Hi vis clothing is used by a diverse range of industries to make sure their employees visible and safe in the environment in which they work. Hi vis is a necessity for employees that work in a situation where they must always be seen such as road and railway workers.

    Hi-vis clothing tends to include reflective strips to increase visibility, and on some products, fleece linings are added to create an extra layer of warmth for the wearer. Hi vis can save the lives of employees so must be a key consideration, from head to toe.


    Does safetywear contribute to staff satisfaction levels?

    We know that uniforms have a positive impact on staff morale and make employees feel part of a team. It’s also been recognised that staff feel more engaged and are likely to work harder if they are comfortable and feel safe when at work.

    Its not just hazardous jobs in which safetywear should be considered. Employees that work outside in all weathers or in factories and warehouses where the temperature may be very low, will need to have the appropriate workwear in order to keep them warm and dry. Getting this right might positively impact staff attendance rates, as employees should be off work less with illnesses caused by the cold.

    Product recommendation

    Clothing for Events take the time to understand the exact requirements of their clients, making sure that all factors are considered when recommending uniform products. They have years of experience working with industrial safetywear for clients such as Clancy Group so are aware of the dangers that staff may face at work.


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