We're about more than just uniforms


Despite what the name suggests we deliver more than just the uniforms our clients wear. Our entire mantra is about helping bring a brand to life, which can sometimes mean going beyond the clothing their employees are wearing.

If you’ve got a presence at an event, looking to add extras to your uniform or create some branded exclusives our range of promotional products always make sure our clients live long in the memory of their customers.

You may already have an idea of the kind of items you want to leave your branded imprint on – you can never go wrong with the classic stationary, drinkwear or tote bag to grab a little extra attention at the next event you’re attending. As in-person events have returned to the forefront of annual marketing activities, making sure you leave a lasting impression once they have left your stand is key.

Now we will be the first to admit you can never go wrong with a classic but finding a special way for your brand to stand out, on a piece of merchandise that an end user has never seen before is a sure-fire way to get, and most importantly keep their attention long after the event has finished.

Taking a bespoke approach to your promotional material is the kind of brief we love seeing hit the inbox. This gives our creative brains a chance to really pull something together that aligns to your brand message, stands out from the crowd and delivers on our mission to make every client brief as individual as they are.

Over the years we’ve had some unique requests, as well as some we thought perfectly suited the brand that the client had never thought of but fell in love as soon as they saw them.

Promotional products can really make the difference between someone walking past your stand or becoming a sale. It’s also a great way to showcase the individuality of you and your business at a time when brand identity is probably more crucial than ever.

Take a look at just some of the products we’ve transformed into personalised items across our website, and if there’s an idea in your head that you can’t see in our catalogue get in touch and together we can see about bringing those ideas to life.

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